The title of the work is Anthropocene; this is the term proposed for a new geological age and relates to how are human interaction has made an accelerated change to the global climate. My aim is to raise awareness to climate change, relating directly to our individual consumption of resources. This issue affects everyone on the planet and the major factor is the increasing size of the human population; as a result of which our demands and consumption are continually increasing. This raises the question; what are the limits of our sustainability?
To communicate the message of the consumption of resources and the human destruction of the natural world I have created a set using materials and objects that have a direct relationship to our effect upon the planet. The set has been photographed and the aesthetics of the photographic image portray an apocalyptic scene; the image is an abstract hyperbolic reflection of the human destruction to the Earth. All the elements contained within the image are found, waste and discarded material and everything I have placed within the image has a relevance.

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